Barefoot Hiking?

Vibram FiveFingers

Vibram FiveFingers at REI

Well, almost. I have been seeing more and more hikers sporting these unusual hiking shoes. Is it for health reasons or to be a trend setter? Personally, I absolutely hate going barefoot. My shoes never leave my feet except for bathing and sleeping.

Do you like this idea of barefoot hiking? Please chime in.

This is from Wikipedia:
Going barefoot (also barefooted) means for a person not to use, or to go without, any type of foot protection. It is traditional to go barefoot in many developing countries, but less common in industrialized countries for various reasons including societal taboos, health risks, inclement climate, fashions, and peer pressure against going barefoot. A barefooter is someone who prefers to go barefoot occasionally, often, or at all times. Calling oneself a barefooter implies that being barefoot is a voluntary choice (as opposed to, for example, not being able to afford shoes), or whenever use of footwear is decided to be unnecessary. Reasons for choosing to go barefoot include the sensation of one’s feet in direct contact with the ground, and to confirm many perceived spiritual or natural health benefits one may experience.


One thought on “Barefoot Hiking?

  1. I only hike barefoot when I’m swimming and rock-hopping at rivers and streams.

    I am interested in those Vibram thingies. Tim Ferriss and few others really sing their praises.

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