iBird App

ibird app

iBird App

Mitchell Waite has come up with a great app for smart phone users. It’s called iBird. The app can run on the iPhone and Android phones.

Now if I could afford to toss my Blackberry and get the latest smart phone, I would be in birding heaven.

From iBird Website:

iBird Explorer is the first of a new breed of electronic books that reinvent how we consume reference information. It has been developed to take full advantage of the rich media, high-quality graphics, and computer processing power of the iPhone and iPod touch mobile computing platforms. With a sophisticated database-driven search engine and fast access to facts, illustrations, photos, and playable bird calls, iBird Explorer puts the equivalent of over 4,000 pages of expert birding information in your pocket.


One thought on “iBird App

  1. I recently picked up the Android version for my Eris, and it’s just great. The version for Android is called Backyard, and doen’t have all the birds I run into, but it has a lot of them. It really is nice because it loads onto the phone, so it doesn’t matter if you have service, and it’s lighter than a Sibley guide to carry. Well worth the modest fee.

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