Remember Your Gaiters?


OR Gaiters from REI

Your first question might be…what the heck are gaiters?

Hiking gaiters that are usually referred to as walking gaiters are used to keep dirt as well as debris from entering boots. Best ones are made of a light-weight however long-lasting coated nylon. Such durable and strong gaiters are strongly recommended for those who need long-lasting as well as reliable hiking equipment.  Water resistant feature makes them perfect for hikers.

For years, I have never considered wearing gaiters. Then I decided to get into snow hiking and found my first use for gaiters. They’re great for keeping the snow out of your boots. Now after some research, I can image other uses.

Rain Hiking:
Serious impact of an unintentional step into a mud hole is reduced in case the gaiters keep the mud out. Furthermore, hiking in the rain is a lot better with gaiters forming a cover over the top of the hiker’s boot.

Off-Trail Hiking:
I don’t do this very often, but sometimes you want to get somewhere and there is no trail to get to your destination. Gaiters offer protection from low-lying plants, sharp objects and snakes and insects you might encounter on your journey.

Hiking on Poorly-Maintained Trails:
The same hazards apply to off-trail hiking. There are a lot of trails that just don’t get enough regular attention and turn into a jungle. If you’re not prepared with long pants, long shirt and gaiters, you’ll probably pass on these trails.


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