Garmin etrex Venture HC GPS

garmin etrex

garmin etrex venture hc

I have used the Garmin etrex Venture HC GPS for over a year and I’m very satisfied with it. This GPS does not have all the bells and whistles like other higher-priced GPS devices designed for hiking, but it has enough. I never go on a trail without the Garmin etrex Venture HC GPS and has many uses other than what I’m using it for. I record all my hiking trips with it. This GPS is good for telling you how far you have gone and how fast/slow you’re going. It’s rugged and cheap enough to take with you on every trip.

From Amazon:

eTrex Venture HC is an essential for any outdoor excursion. It features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver for peak performance in any environment and includes 24 megabytes (MB) of internal memory, a detailed basemap and crisp color screen.


One thought on “Garmin etrex Venture HC GPS

  1. I just replaced my eTrex Venture HC with the updated model. Garmin made quite a few welcome improvements such as faster response, ability to load multiple tracks on your device and much more.

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