Grand Canyon Loop Backpack

Probably the most iconic hike in the Canyon, the Grand Canyon loop backpack trip travels the two most popular trails in Grand Canyon, the South Kaibab and Bright Angel trails. This 3-day loop backpack takes you down the winding South Kaibab Trail deep into the Canyon to historic Phantom Ranch and the Colorado River.

Begin your trek at the top by shuttling to the South Kaibab Trail. On the first day head down the South Kaibab Trail to historic Phantom Ranch situated on the Colorado River. Huge wide open canyon views abound on the South Kaibab as it winds its way down to the bottom. Setup our camp at Bright Angel campground and enjoy a beverage at the Phantom Ranch Cantina.

Ribbon falls is a great for a day hike from Bright Angel Campground and Phantom Ranch (6 miles one-way).

If you’re hiking in the summer, make sure to get an early start to avoid the blazing heat trapped by the high canyon walls along the first 3.5 miles of the trail, known as “The Box.” Once you reach the base of the falls, there’s a path to the left that will lead you up and behind the waterfall. Try to arrive by late morning, before the afternoon shadows cover the waterfall and subdue the bright green color of its dome.

Rise early today to begin climbing out of the canyon along the Bright Angel trail towards the South Rim. A challenging but rewarding hike, the Bright Angel Trail offers incredible views and fascinating history of this infamous trail. Celebrate at Grand Canyon Village right where the trail exits the canyon. You made it on the classic Grand Canyon trek!

  • Highlights: magnificent canyon views, unusual waterfall, trip of a life time
  • Near: Grand Canyon, AZ
  • Distance: 28 miles round trip
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: 4400 ft
  • Hike Time: 3 days
  • Difficulty: 8/10
  • Trail Condition: well maintained trail
  • Parking – easy parking combined with shuttle
  • Permits and park information – >>CLICK HERE<<
  • South Rim Shuttle – >>CLICK HERE<<
  • Best Season: Spring, Fall
  • Dog Friendly: No
  • Kid Friendly: Yes (older kids)

Getting to the trail head:

From Los Angeles – 10 fwy (east) to 15 fwy (north) to hwy 40 (east) to hwy 64 (north) hwy 18 (north) to trail head.

Google Map Link


Trail Detail Map


Trail Profile









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