Black Hole of White Canyon

A scenic, fun and exciting non-technical canyon hike with plenty of swimming through ice cold narrows. To complete this hike you will need: a wet or dry suit (a shorty wet suit will suffice in hot summer weather), dry bag, rubberized gloves, helmet and canyoneer shoes. You may also wish to bring: a flotation device and a short rope to help less experienced members down a few climbs.

The Black Hole of White Canyon trek is a long, challenging and exciting five miles.

This amazing hike should only be attempted by seasoned canyon hikers who are physically strong and emotionally tough. It would be easy to panic at the top of the Black Hole were you can’t see a way to go forward and you know it’s too late to turn back.

 Follow the trail north descending to the bottom of White Canyon. The canyon bottom should be dry or nearly so. Turn around IMMEDIATELY if there is more than a trickle of water flowing in the bottom of White Canyon.
 **Do not attempt this hike if rain is in the forecast.**

**The danger of flash flood is very real and the narrow canyon provides few escape routes.**

**Enter at your own risk.**

  • Highlights: Scenic slot canyon, long stretches of water where you have to swim.
  • Near: Lake Powell, UT
  • Distance: 7 miles (5 miles canyon hike, 2 miles back to car)
  • Hike Time: 6 hours
  • Difficulty: 8/10
  • Best Time: Summer, Fall
  • Kid Friendly: No
  • Dog Friendly: No
  • GPX File Download: >>CLICK HERE<<

Getting to Trail head:

The Black Hole of White canyon is located on Highway 95 between Natural Bridges National Monument and Hite Marina. The entry point begins at a large dirt pull off directly across from milepost 57 on Highway 95. An exit is down the road near milepost 55 where you can leave a second car or mountain bike.

Google Map Link


Detail Trail Map



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