Wonderland Trail Loop

The Wonderland Trail is a spectacular 90-plus mile loop that encircles the base of Mount Rainer. During this 10 day trek, you will gain and loose about 20,000 feet in cumulative elevation. There are currently five trailheads giving one access to the Wonderland Trail: Longmire, Mowich Lake, Sunrise, Fryingpan Creek Trailhead, and Box Canyon. The most popular starting point is from Longmire, about a two hour drive from Seattle (three hours from Portland). Longmire is a village with all the amenities you might want: a lodge with restaurant and hotel accommodations, a convenience store, laundromat, post office, and nearby car camping at Cougar Rock Campground.

Mount Rainier is it’s ultimate sculptor, changing the trail’s location slightly from year to year.

There are four locations where food caches can either be dropped-off or mailed: Longmire, Mowich Lake, Sunrise, and White River. Two food caches are recommended. If you’re starting from Longmire, your food caches should be sent to Mowich Lake and Sunrise/White River. The NPS recommends mailing your food cache at least two weeks in advance.

  • Highlights: Great views, lots of ups and downs, suspension bridge river crossing.
  • Near: Seattle, WA
  • Distance: 93 miles round trip
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: 4000 ft
  • Hike Time: 10 days
  • Difficulty: 10/10
  • Trail Condition: Well maintained trail
  • Best Season: summer, fall
  • Wilderness Permits: >>CLICK HERE<<
  • Dog Friendly: No
  • Kid Friendly: No
  • GPX File Download: >>CLICK HERE<<

Getting to the Trailhead:

From Seattle – hwy 5 (south) to hwy 512 (east) to hwy 7 (right) to hwy 706 (straight) to Paradise Rd. E. (straight) to trail head.

Google Map Link


Trail Detail Map


Trail Profile


1. Longmire 0.0
2. Cougar Rock Campground 1.5
3. Reflection lakes 5.1
4. Martha Falls 7.0
5. Box Canyon 12.0
6. Indian Bar 21.7
7. Panhandle Gap 25.0
8. Summerland 27.1
9. Frying Pan Creek 31.0
10. White River Campground 33.8
11. Subrise 35.9
12. Skyscraper Pass 43.0
13. Granite Creek 46.5
14. Winthrop Creek 48.0
15. Mystic Lake 52.0
16. Carbon River 57.5
17. Mowich Lake 63.5
18. Mowich River 68.5
19. Golden Lakes 75.0
20. N. Puyallup River 80.0
21. St. Andrews Park 83.0
22. S. Puyallup River 87.0
23. Emerald Ridge 89.0
24. Indian Henry’s
25. Longmire 93.0




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